Jason is a first born American of a family immigrants from Ontario, Canada. At the age of 8 he began cooking with his newly adopted Thai Sisters. Through High School he worked for a successful catering company and apprenticed at restaurants.

He moved to Las Vegas at 18 years old and worked for the only two 5 Star Mobile Restaurants in town. Under James Beard Award winning chefs Julian Serrano and Alex Stratta. After four years he returned and helped open Studio at the Montage with James Boyce. And Gained popularity as an Executive Chef at Mirabeau, Aubergine and L’Opera.

When the recession hit. He took a step down to be a line cook for his mentor Suzanne Goin at Lucques. Where he shopped the farmers markets and learned local and seasonal cookery. He worked his way up to Sous Chef. He then helped her open Tavern in Brentwood as the pm sous chef. Still to this day if Jason could work anywhere. It would be as a humble line cook at the beloved Lucques.

Jason then took on a corporate position and traveled the country with Darden Restaurant Groups. He then helped Chef David Pratt open Brick Pizzeria in San Clemente where he started Urban Pie.

Jason conceived Urban Pie in 2012. But the dream started in his early twenties when he wanted to tow around an oven and make wood-fired pizza. Some thought he was crazy. One day he found an oven manufacturer. Talked to some dicey lone sharks. And called some of his regulars that frequented his chef’s table. Next thing he knew he was in their office and they wrote him a very large personal check to start Urban Pie. Under the condition that he would pay them back. He is still humbled and in awe of their generosity. And in 2012 Urban Pie was born.

Jason’s wife Merly who rolled out pasta for a year at brick was 6 months pregnant when he left his position. WIth a hard work ethic he hit to the phones, emails and internet for hours everyday. His late Grandpa Ralph gave him a house in Downey for 2 years with a built out extension off the garage and they operated illegally. They grew to three wood burning ovens during those two years. After a very successful year at coachella he finally took the leap to a 3500 square foot catering facility , warehouse & offices in the city of Commerce. Ironically like luck had him before it sat vacant for a year. He landed a 7 year lease of the space for .89 cents a square foot. He moved his garage kitchen into the new space. The very next day the health department showed up at his house with a police officer. WIth a smirk he opened the garage and it was completely empty.

Urban Pie has proven to be one of the top Mobile Pizza Operations in the Country. Mostly because of Jason’s commitment to handmade and quality ingredients. And a commitment to keep pushing naturally fermented pizza for 9 years now. Even before the sourdough bread movement. And is one of the pioneers of Sourdough Pizza in Los Angeles. His sweet spot is 120 hours of fermentation. And the style is unorthodox. A fitting blend of intuition and grace. Jason’s favorite saying. “Pizza making is like being in a relationship with someone that you love more, than they love you. You will never fully have control.” Jason and Merly have 2 kids now and live in Long Beach.

Some of his clients include:

Space X / Tesla / Fab Fit Fun / Netflix / Elons New Years eve party and Mothers Birthday / David Grohls 50th Birthday Bash / Robert Downey Jrs Holiday Party / Octavia Spencer / Phil Rosenthal / Coachella Valley Music Festival / Paramount Studios / Loma Linda University / Sony Studios / Christina Applegate / Keanu Reaves / and many more weddings, corporate events, studios, festivals, film shoots and thousands more.